Hip traction and vibration device for hip pain

HRD is an innovative medical device intended for treatment of hip pain in patients with different hip pathologies. FizioTech team is simultaneously developing software intended for monitoring of patient rehabilitation process. HRD is intended for professional (clinical) use and incorporates modern technology.

HRD allows:

  • Increase in the efficiency of physiotherapists and rehabilitation centers
  • Increase in the quality and speed of therapy

The benefits of HRD

For healthcare professionals

  • Provides effective fixation of patient pelvis
  • Enables low intensity vibrations for relaxation of patient soft tissue
  • Increases effectiveness and quality of therapy for patient
  • Decreases work pressure and time consumption
  • Enables monitoring of patient rehabilitation process
  • Enables effective and comfortable hip traction in ventral, lateral and caudal directions regarding to patient condition

For patients

  • Increases effectiveness of therapy - faster recovery
  • Provides that the synovial fluid evenly alligns and reach the damaged parts of the cartilage
  • Extends the hip capsule and doesn't allow it to lose elasticity and to shrink
  • Stretches and relaxes the soft tissue
  • Enables insight in rehabilitation process and progress
Prototype Progress
Research 100%
Development 90%
Designing 80%
Testing 17%

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