As we all know, there is a big need for medical visors all around the world. From the beginning, when the COVID-19 virus started, we asked ourselves, how can we help? As we have a 3D printer in our company we got in touch with a couple of hospitals in Croatia and asked them what they needed. The answer was medical masks and medial visors. As we couldn’t make masks, we began to explore the internet and tried to find the right 3D model for medical visors. Our colleague Martin found one and immediately started to print them out. Now, the only thing that was missing was the plastic shield that goes on the top. One firm, who wants to be excluded from publicity, was kind enough to donate 16 plastic shields. After we printed all the shields, we then assembled them and shipped them to General Hospital PulaAlso, we gave a couple of medical visors to Microbiology Clinic, Croatian Institute of Public Health. They are the ones that work hard from the beginning, day and night, to test all the coronavirus samples. 


We are thanking all of the medical staff and hope we at least helped them a little!


If you can or know somebody who can donate us plastic shields for visors contact us.

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Useful links

This is the page from where we printed the model: LINK.
If you have a 3D printer at home, you can help someone just like us. Just ask around.