In-shoe biofeedback device for partial weight bearing​

Partial Weight Bearing (PWB) is commonly used intervention during rehabilitation for orthopedic patients with fractures or after surgery of the lower extremity. Physiotherapists prescribe the maximum kgs or % of weight bearing. Restep is an in-shoe biofeedback device for partial weight bearing intended for professional and home use. Restep provides auditory and tactile biofeedback signals to patient (if patient has exceeded the weight limit) and information about the weight on the patient leg.

ReStep allows:

  • monitoring of rehabilitation progress
  • increase in the effectiveness, quality and speed of therapy
  • reduces the risk of re-injury or prolongation of therapy

The benefits of ReStep

For healthcare professionals

  • Provides information about the weight on the leg of the patient, available in real-time and after activity
  • Gives insight in therapy adherence
  • Can be used during existing rehabilitation programs and with various aids
  • Can be used by multiple patients
  • Includes the long-term storage of information collected during walking
  • Provides access to the information through a web application

For patients

  • Can be used during regular therapy
  • Takes away uncertainty by providing instantaneous feedback about the weight - clear and simple
  • Enables better control during walks or excerising
  • Wireless - so no obstacles while walking
  • Easy to handle - Easy to carry around
Prototype progress
Research 95%
Development 85%
Designing 90%
Testing 20%
Certificating 30%

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